Folklore Book Tag

Star Brite made a Folklore inspired book tag, check out her original post here!

I absolutely love this album. It’s probably my favourite Taylor Swift album so far, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it released. I even stayed up until 2 am listening to it when it first released!

So here’s the tag:

The 1- a book you grew out of

Some books I loved when I was younger where the Goddess Girls books. But I don’t think I’d be into them now.

Cardigan- a book you keep coming back to 

My fear with re-reading books, especially favourite ones, is that I won’t like them as much the second time around. But I’ve reread Shatter Me and I’m currently rereading Unravel Me and it’s very comforting to go back into this world and characters!

The Last Great American Dynasty- a book where everything goes wrong (in the best way)

I recently read Children of Virtue and Vengeance and so much went wrong, I couldn’t catch a break! The poor characters went through so much, they have to get a happy ending in the next book.

exile: ending you didn’t like (ship that sank)

A finale book I didn’t like was unfortunately Imagine Me. It was a happy ending but a disappointing and an underwhelming book. I also really hated the ending for Absent, a book I recently read.

My tears ricochet- broke your heart

I’m realizing that I tend to stay away from sad books because I like to find happiness especially when real life is a hot mess. But I was literally in pain for most of Capturing the Devil especially when a certain someone ruined Audrey Rose and Thomas’ [spoiler]. That was painful.

Mirrorball- a book that speaks to your soul

We Hunt the Flame was a great book that finally allowed me to read and see myself in a book. It’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Seven- character you want to take home and protect

No one touch Kiko from Starfish. All throughout the book I just wanted her to be happy and safe. I connected to her and felt for her, and just wanted to be the friend she needed to navigate this world.

August- summer love

Morgan Matson writes amazing summer loves and my favourite is the one from The Unexpected Everything. Just thinking about that book gives me summer vibes. Also, The Way You Make Me Feel is a recent book I’ve read about summer love!

This is me trying- mental illness rep

Starfish did a wonderful job in representing anxiety. I haven’t read many books about mental illnesses (which I need to fix) but this one was excellent.

Illicit affairs- forbidden romance

American Royals is filled with forbidden romance. I think all the main couples save one is a forbidden romance. Everything from the princess and the guard, to the other princess with her sister’s supposed fiancé (fake for political reasons of course). So much sneaking around with these couples.

Invisible string- soulmates

I have so many couples I love and think are soulmates:

  • Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell
  • Warner and Juliette
  • Scarlett and Julian
  • Will/Jem and Tessa
  • Emma and Julian
  • Cordelia and James (they’re soulmates and I will not hear otherwise)

Mad woman- vengeful woman

Adelina from The Young Elites, for sure. Especially in the sequel? Defiantly. Even though I didn’t like this trilogy, Adelina is a badass morally grey character.

Epiphany- a loss you’re not over

We Hunt the Flame. A death at the end that I’m still not okay with.

Betty- love triangle, f/f romance

Enter the greatest love triangle to exist: Will, Jem, and Tessa from Clockwork Angel. Cassandra Clare is the only author who could get me to be invested and enjoying a love triangle.

Peace- found family

The found family in The Gilded Wolves is fantastic. I want a Laila to bake me cookies, Zofia to teach me science and math, Enrique to crack jokes, and Séverin to lead in a heist. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Hoax- character that fooled you

Well, I defiantly did not expect Mary to be who she turned out to be in Allegedly. I was defiantly fooled.

This tag was really fun and I enjoyed doing it!


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